Aquarius 2013 Love Horoscope

Aquarius and their love life
Aquarius is an Air Sign, a fact that makes Aquarius natives innovative and rebellious. Enchanted by novelty and drawn to all things modern, Aquarius are liberal souls, and one may even find them eccentric at times. On the other hand, fixated in their own opinions, personal priorities and style, they crave, propagate and encourage change. This is the duality in their nature which baffles many. Love for them is cool, impersonal yet unselfish and enjoyable, universal and selfless. With their charming personalities and their love of the unconventional, they have a variety of suitors at their disposal. In love, they are imaginative, witty, communicative, candid and friendly. Loyal and supportive of their partners, they are also fiercely protective of their own personal space. However, in the race to be different and to innovate, the Water Bearers may become detached, absent-minded and unmindful of their partner’s needs. And on top of it, when confronted on this issue, they may absolutely refuse to cooperate. Gauge your chances of mingling with an Aquarius mate. Get the personalised service Love Ask A Question, if love with an Aquarius beloved has left you baffled.

Love life in 2013
The year 2013 beings for the Aquarius individuals with a good news. There will be enough scope for new friendships and relationships for you in this year, foresees Ganesha. Jupiter is transiting through the fifth House from your sign and due to this planetary transit, love is simply in the air for you. You may fall head over heels in love and world may suddenly turn out to be fresh and beautiful and life worth living for. And the ones already in a relationship may fall in love again with the same person and thus rejuvenating your relationship. Does this prediction by Ganesha makes you excited? You can confirm your chances by availing our 2013 Love and Marriage Prospects Report that will give you the exact information which you need like when you will get married and when will you meet your soul mate. Grab this opportunity to stay informed and stay a step ahead in your budding relationship.

You shall be extremely loyal and supportive towards your partner. However there are some points to ponder upon. If you have begun a relationship this year or started one recently, then there is no need to go full steam so abruptly in this new relationship and take it to the next level of marriage. You need to pause and reassess. On the other hand, you should do a complete review of your relationship and assess it from all the angles keeping in mind the pitfalls as well as the advantages of it before you take the final decision. This will surely help you in strengthening your relationship. Have a question at this juncture? You can avail of our Love Ask A Question service to get a pointed and comprehensive answer to your question which will be based on the analysis of your personal birth chart.

Those of you who are already committed will find that their relationship has strengthened due to this year’s planetary transits. However, things are not so rosy for the married couples. You would need to set aside your domestic differences. Ganesha reminds you that if you keep in your mind constantly the petty or important domestic issues and keep finding faults in your partner, you will not be able to enjoy the bliss of unconditional love. Thus, in order to strengthen your relationship you will have to play your part to perfection. We at are always there to help you in this matter. Avail our Couple Analysis service to get a personalized view of positive and negative points of compatibility between you and your partner among other things to better understand your relationship with your partner so that you are ready to take it to a higher plane.

30 Dec 2012