Pisces 2012 Yearly Horoscope

Pisces horoscope for 2012

This year, you will show an ardent desire to speak, to communicate and to express – a trait rarely seen in you. And you’ll be happy to see people listening and reacting to you. On the financial front, your monetary status may be swinging wildly. Keep a tab on expenses. Spirituality is likely to become a way of your life, and nearly a necessity. Home, religion, philosophy, career, finance and intellectual pursuits are likely to be the other key areas of interest in 2012.

Home and domestic life

Shifting your home, expanding, renovating and refurbishing the present one, or even buying a new one are all on the cards in the new year. Additions of a few object-de-art to your home d�©r are possible. Do that, for it will be cheering for you. You may now aim for premium class luxuries and comforts in life. You’ll be happy to bag some of them this year. A long-buried problem may come to surface this year, though, which may become a reason of major. Handle the situation tactfully!

Love life

The year 2012 may be a testing period for your love life. Ego clashes and heated arguments are foreseen. Any strong relationship is likely to survive this storm, though. Singles will be more aggressive and proactive than ever now. Socialising with the high and mighty, as you may be attracted towards wealth, is on the cards. The phase may not last long, so be realistic.


The year 2012 is a year to practice caution, as you may be prone to accidents while driving or walking. Most importantly, you need to take good care of your vital organs and your limbs. When it comes to exercising, you may be quite laid-back. But, you need to be more proactive and follow a regular health regime to remain in the best shape.

Career And finance

As far as your routine financial matters are concerned, this is a year full of lucrative opportunities. Keep your eyes and ears open as you need to be quick to grab the opportunities. Remember, things may happen at a fast pace, so keep your eyes and ears open. Avoid taking hasty decisions; don’t trust anyone blindly and be very practical and realistic. It may be like going against the grain, yet do it.


During the year, you may seek and come across experiences that will not only be enriching and enlightening, but will also make you feel lighter and better. Be careful about the people whom you are associated with, and if possible keep away from those with a negative approach in life. Developing a positive approach towards life and spreading it by being an active medium will bring you bliss.

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04 Sep 2012