Libra 2012 Yearly Horoscope

Libra Horoscope for 2012

Although less stressful, the year 2012 is likely to have its share of tests and competitions for you. But, your are fully armed- and better equipped to take on the challenges head on. By now, you know your strengths, and thus you may be able to handle the problems in a better way. Finance, home and family, body and image, children, creativity, and personal pleasure, love, romance, and social activities are likely to be the highlights of the year.

Home and Domestic life

Currently, your relationships, domestic life and emotions are going through transformation, and it may continue in the coming year. Although you may not like the change, you should go with the flow without any complaints. Begin by renovating/ decorating your home. This shall be rejuvenating. Tough situations and unexpected challenges may leave you sad and grumpy. Turn to your loved ones for emotional support in such times. These phases shall bring you closer to your loved ones.

Love life

The year 2012 may test the depth of your relationship. Deep relationships are likely to cross the hurdles, while the superficial ones may end. Avoid being bossy or dominating in a relationship. Allow your partner to be his/her own self. Don’t let your love wither away before it enjoys the full bloom. For the singles, romantic encounters are on the cards. But, don’t rush. Take your time to know your partner before you commit.


You are enjoying a great phase as long as your health is concerned. In 2012, you are likely to watch your diet, follow a regular exercise regime and try your best to stay in shape. However, don’t ignore any illness, like you may have done last year. See your doctor to avoid health-related complications. Besides exercising, body also requires rest and relaxation. Put your busy life on hold for some time, and take a break from your stressful schedule. Rejuvenating your mind and body with the help of meditation or yoga will be good ideas.

Career And finance

The year 2012 looks promising for you finances as well as career. You may find different and safe means to earn money. Don’t try to follow a rule book of success. In fact, make your own rules, plan, implement and conquer. But, success may not come that easily. Rigorous efforts, determination and sincerity will help you reach your desired destination. Once you realise your career goals, your life will be smoother. Your family members will support your decisions and actions in financial matters.


Your spiritual inclination is likely to give you chances to explore your hidden strengths and talents. You may practice Yoga and meditation regularly to emerge a stronger person. Trust your intuitions and have faith in your beliefs. This is the key to overcome any problem under the sun.

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04 Sep 2012