Leo 2012 Yearly Horoscope

Leo horoscope for 2012

The last year’s good times, bonhomie and prosperity are likely to get carried forward in 2012. On the personal front, you are likely develop keen interest in subjects such as spirituality, religion and philosophy. However, your interest may be more based on science and logic, and it may not just be about blindly following. During the entire year, you are likely to focus more on areas like personal reinvention, philosophy, religion, theology, foreign and higher education.

Home and domestic life

Nothing shall fall in your top priority slot apart from your family and loved ones. You have been concentrating on the overall well-being of your family for the past couple of years, and this is not going to change in 2012. Don’t get anxious or offended, if there are differences of opinion among the family members, which may also lead to arguments. Every individual has a right to express his/her opinion. In fact, this can help you build a better rapport with them. Try to bridge the gap, if any, with love, care and affection.

Love life

While all the other aspects of life seem great, your love life may experience some hurdles. The main reason may be your partner’s or spouse’s health. He/she may be going through a rough patch or illness, which may lead to stress and tension in your life. For the singles, cupid may strike any time during the year. However, your planets do not support marriage in 2012, so postpone your marriage plans till next year.


Walking, jogging, skipping or cycling . you are ready to do anything to keep up your energy levels. And surprisingly, you may even succeed. You may take all the precautionary measures to guard your health against any illness or disorder. To be on the safe side, take better care of your spine, knees, teeth, bone, skin, kidneys and heart. If you workout, take care of the safety aspect. What else? An apple a day, keeps the doctor away!

Career And finance

Financial independence, a robust bank balance and a career worth envying . all these have been your aim for years. And the year 2012 is likely to give you umpteen opportunities to achieve these goals and live your dreams. Career and money take the forefront this year. There may be a gradual increase in your investments and assets. For professionals, promotions, perks and increments may be in abundance this year. In a nutshell, a progressive year is in store for you!


As you concentrate more on personal development and self-improvement, the transformation in you is likely to be visible. You believe that beauty is skin deep; you may focus more on the inner beauty. Introspection and deep thinking are likely to form an active part of your life, this year. Explore the spiritual side of life for healing life’s troubles.

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04 Sep 2012