Aries Weekly Horoscope

(21st March to 20st April)

This Week (04-10-2015 – 10-10-2015)

With Ketu present in your Sign, issues in marital life are likely to bother you this week. The behaviour or reaction of your partner has hurt you immensely and hence even though your partner may show all the willingness in the world to reconcile, you may not be able to respond. On the other hand, with Moon in its own Sign, Cancer in the 4th House, you may be in a mood to deck up your home. Venus’ transition from Leo to Virgo is also likely to improve your financial position. At the job front, you may be compelled by your boss to hurry up and complete certain tasks. However, you need to handle the situation diplomatically to avoid confrontation, says Ganesha. As the week comes to an end, things shall start falling into place. Do not, in any circumstances, avoid you regular check-up if you are a diabetic. Also, there is a possibility of injury to the lower part of your body, beware. It’s October already! A new year is knocking at our doors. Have you started planning your moves for the year 2016? No? Do that NOW with astute guidance from your own Personal Stars. Ask for tailor-made for you 2016 Yearly Report – a complete chronicle of what lies ahead, what to do, when to attempt and when to not! 

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