Aquarius Weekly Horoscope

(21st January to 18th February)

This Week (22-11-2015 – 28-11-2015)

This week, Sun enters its friendly, fiery Sign Sagittarius. Sun now joins Saturn and Mercury, already positioned in 11th House from your Sign. Saturn as well as Mercury then enter a state of combustion. With Saturn being combust, you are likely to face less hurdles on your road to progress. You might also regain some lost opportunity. The Full Moon rises on Thursday. Moon is now in communicative Gemini. This might open channels for communicating with influential persons. You may still have a difficult time while handling family related matters. You could sometimes face uncomfortable moments, related to financial matters. You might run short of money to meet some specific commitment of the day. You shall remain in the pink of health, barring ones having old nagging health issues. Relation with spouse shall be cordial. Both shall remain on the same wavelength and interact closely. A highly enjoyable week indeed. This is a generalised weekly prediction, based on your Sun Sign. If you feel lost or stressed, take a step further, and get predictions, tailor-made just for you. Your Horoscope shall be created, using Vedic Astrology principles to arrive at these reliable predictions. Talk to an Astrologer OR get a clear cut answer to your Personal Question (Detailed Answer).

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