18-01-2015 – 24-01-2015

If you are involved in a partnership business, Ganesha foretells that you are likely to experiment and expand operations to new markets. Professionals experiencing a tough time for the past few weeks might wish to start work afresh with a more positive attitude, which is sure to improve performance. However, it is not likely to convert into concrete progress. The time is right to review past events, and learn from the mistakes you may have made. Students shall be able to focus well on studies, and your memory too shall become stronger. In case you are facing any problem related to your studies, try getting personalised Astrological consultation with Education Ask A Question. On the personal front, you shall be full of compassion, and will give your unstinting support to the people who may be undergoing some pain or suffering. Your rapport with your spouse too will be hunky dory.

25-01-2015 – 31-01-2015

On the financial front, Ganesha foretells that you are likely to face some problems this week, so use your funds very judiciously, and totally cut out unnecessary expenses. This is important as unexpected household expenses may shoot up. You will, however, have the full support of your partner, who will understand your situation and be less demanding. This is also one of the reasons why your marital life will be quite comfortable and pleasant this week. Singles are likely to meet someone special and fall in love. And, if you are unsure about how to take this forward, you would benefit from getting a personalised Astrology service like Plan your first date – advice based totally on your Birth Chart. On the professional front, sharing your problems with understanding colleagues shall bring great relief. With retrograde Mercury transiting in your Sign, along with Venus and the Sun, the time is not ripe for taking any new steps. Just pursue what you are doing, and continue to plan for the future.

01-02-2015 – 07-02-2015

The planets suggest that your emotions are likely to run high this week. It would now be best to keep away from contentious matters and even a loved one, not only to avoid arguments but also to give him/her more space. Financially, you may be a little hard-pressed, and the option of borrowing money may seem attractive. You may also suffer from some minor health issues over the weekend. Don’t worry, as you won’t let this disturb your routine. Students may find it difficult to remain focused; those pursuing higher education too may feel stressed, due to meagre finances. Freshers seeking suitable employment may be disappointed, what with no positive response forthcoming. The time is right to go in for a refresher course to sharpen your skills. The second month of the year 2015 has begun! Will you be able to execute your plans in 2015? Well, if the answer is ‘no’ or ‘maybe’ – do not wait anymore! Seize Your Future in 2015 – with Detailed, Quarter-wise predictions, which will be generated by an expert Astrologer, basis your unique Personal Horoscope.

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