Aquarius – Pisces Compatibility

Aquarius-Pisces Compatibility

Aquarius-Pisces Compatibility
Initially both the zodiac signs will love each other’s company. A Pisces will always find pleasure and fun in living with an Aquarius person and in turn Pisceans being compassionate, will try to take Aquarians on their trip to the dreamland. But, Aquarians may find it as a confinement for themselves as they are freedom-lovers and like to explore the world by themselves. Pisces are very sensitive and tender, need a strong personality. On the other hand, Aquarius seeks for a less emotional soul-mate. Therefore, the pair may not be able to get along in the long-run. Want to catch the attention of that dreamy Pisces partner of yours? Have questions on this accord? Avail our Love Ask 3 Questions service to get the key to the world of your Pisces partner and catch his or her attention.

Compatibility of Aquarius Man and Pisces Woman
The combination of an Aquarius man with a Pisces woman is hard to match. An Aquarius man is an analyser and a deep thinker. He will give Pisces woman good company including pleasures and excitements but unable to fulfil her innate desire of warmth and passionate relationship. A Piscean woman is very sensitive and demands a lot from an Aquarius man. But, he is not as emotional as a Piscean woman and also not bothered about the minute details. He wants a Piscean woman to enjoy the freedom like him and a Piscean woman likes to stay with him at one place only. It is difficult for them to adjust with each other.

Compatibility of Aquarius Woman and Pisces Man
In the beginning stage of the relationship between an Aquarius woman and a Pisces man, love will blossom and sizzle. But, as the season fades this relationship may also wither. Both have to struggle a lot and need to make compromises to stabilize the relationship. Although, a Piscean man will attract an Aquarius woman with his intimate love and passion and an Aquarius woman will also enjoy his company and take him on exciting adventures, they differ in their needs and desires. When an Aquarius woman wants to detach from the world to live alone for sometime, a Piscean man behaves extremely opposite and wants her to be at his side at that very time.

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