Aquarius Monthly Horoscope (21st January to 18th February)

This Month Feb 2016

Bubbling with energy and enthusiasm, you would be filled with a strong desire to make your mark in the field of your activity, this month. The Sun transiting through your Sign will fire you with fresh ideas, pushing you towards the territory of higher growth. But, Mars’ effect may leave you causal and laid-back, which shall not help your cause a bit. You may actually be dreaming or planning more, but the execution may really not be your forte, as of now. Nonetheless, some change shall surely be evident in your ways now – and may largely concern your methods of working. A shift or alteration at workplace is also likely, says Ganesha. The second week looks gainful for business and sales people. Professionals may have to compromise over money offered for a project, but may largely be trouble free this time around. In personal matters, singles shall have their path strewn with roses, and thus, they will long for merry making and physical intimacy. Happily, announces Ganesha that the period looks equally enjoyable for married couples as well. You will be happy as your spouse maintains a relatively balanced temperament. Mid-month you may remain busy with domestic matters. You may need to increase provision for household needs. Keep your cool while undertaking these chores, advises Ganesha. Your spouse will be there with you at every step. Problems, though, may arise in a close relationship, where you are intensely attached. Here too, focus on maintaining a give and take approach. This will help you douse the fire, if any, As the month draws to a close, the joy of married couples may wither out. A confrontation is likely. Issues may revolve around setting priorities and budgets for the family. And, you could be unsure on how to resolve the matter. Whatever decisions you take, exercise utmost tact in order not to hurt your partner’s sensitivity. Look at the positives, instead of finding faults. Job holders will face odds at work, which will adversely affect their performance, but their team and bosses’ support shall bail them out, well in time. Businessmen will be happy with a steady growth in sales. With regards to health, things look bright and rosy. However, if you have a long-standing health issue, you are urged by the stars to continue unabated with the treatment.

Important Dates
3, 4, 8, 12, 14, 15, 18

Tips : Full of verve and ideas, you begin the month well. Channelise this abundant energy and drive well, or it may all be lost. Think of getting out of the rut, but don’t go off the tangent. First finish what you have at hand. Remain careful, while making any monetary transactions. Change is around the corner – how you use it to your advantage is your choice. A change in work, work-place, home or career is indicated. Calculate all your options wisely, Stay focused and positive.