Aquarius Monthly Horoscope

(21st January to 18th February)

This Month (Nov 2015)

All things good, bright and beautiful are predicted for you in the month of November. Progressive forces are likely to work effectively on the path of success. So much so, that you may almost feel like the ‘God’s chosen one’! Your positive frame of mind and blessings from Ganesha will keep you motivated!

Those doing job, will enjoy a healthy and glitch-free work environment. You are likely to receive a special treatment like a standing ovation or a round of applause when you accomplish a complex task assigned to you. This will leave you overwhelmed for the rest of the month. Offshore projects may be slightly tricky to handle; follow the deadline to avoid goof ups. If at all, you are planning to change the job, now is the right time to apply for it.

Businessmen are likely to make progress in their respective fields, but only after missing a lucrative opportunity. It may act as an eye-opener for you. Business in foreign countries is likely to see good times ahead. Ganesha foresees this phase as fantastic to explore new territories and build new customer base. However, indulging in activities for short-term gains may not be advisable.

Marital life seems to be blissful and home environment conducive. You may go out of your way to please your near and dear ones. And spend quality time with your spouse. Interactions, romantic conversations and expression of feelings – your relationship may get an extra dose of love and togetherness! To top it all, the academic progress of children will increase your happiness twofold and give you are reason to celebrate.

Couples in a relationship, too, may experience time of their life with overdose of love and affection from their beloved, predicts Ganesha.

Your present financial situation may not comfort you, and you may aim to make it big. However, planetary combinations, at this juncture may not be supportive of monetary gains. Also, taking loans for business may leave you in debts due to Jupiter and Rahu posited in the 8th House.

Barring minor seasonal health problems like cough and cold, you are likely to be in the pink of health. But, beware of an old, nagging health issue, if any, which may give you tough time.

Tip: Stay away from speculation and financial activities that involve heavy risks – or you may lose your hard earned money.

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Aquarius Overview (January 21 – February 18)

Sanskrit Name : Kumbha | Meaning of Name : The Water-bearer | Type : Air-Fixed-Positive | Lord : The Uranus :Blue, Blue-green, Grey, Black | Lucky Day : Sunday and Saturday | Lucky Number : 4, 8, 13, 17, 22, 26

Aquarius is the 11th Sign of the Zodiac. A symbol of all that’s humane and humanity, this Sign is modern, independent and freedom loving. While everything new and new-age enthralls the Aquarius natives, rebelliousness of any sort liberates them. Aquarius is known as the Sign of discoverers, inventors, adventurers and visionaries. Amiable and cheery by disposition, Aquarius-born tend to have a plenty of social charm. Yet, they lack the depth required to strike and cultivate truly profound relationships. That is why, the Aquarius natives may have a lot of acquaintances, but may have a very few close friends. Their social charm, nonetheless, in non-negotiable, and they are also, very often, perceived as pretty attractive by the opposite sex. But, again in love, the Aquarius may never feel as immersed as a Pisces will – for to them (Aquarius) it’s the whole wide world that’s important and vital. Most of them, thus, have a mission or a larger cause on their mind. Even if some Aquarius may seem to lead an entirely mundane life, on some digging, you would find that they have attached, somehow, themselves to a charitable cause. Generous and compassionate, the Aquarius, however, are very different from Pisces or Cancer – the other two Signs, perceived as very kind. Aquarius are more practical, and have a keen eye, which is easily able to see through deception and betrayal. Nonetheless, as parents, spouses or friends, Aquarius-born are very supportive and encouraging; they also are often ‘the go to frontier’ for many – the ones (Aquarius) who will always be ready to help with genuine, unbiased advice and a practically contagious optimism