Feb 2015

Ganesha predicts that this week your expenses are likely to increase, and the ones with a fixed income will be the hardest hit. Professionals In keeping with this, you may be inclined to look for some other sources of income to meet such expenses. However, with Jupiter, the Lord of the 2nd House (related to finances) and also of the 11th House (related to gains), being retrograde, you may not meet much success in your efforts. Ganesha feels that you will get positive results by exploring other avenues for extra buck, only when Jupiter turns direct. However, businessmen are likely to get good returns from recent efforts. Freelancers may also get well-paying assignments from Tuesday onwards. Changes in planetary positions this week will have a positive influence on career and finances. Another financial year is nearing its end! What should be your plan? Will you be able to expand your money pool? What exactly should you do to salvage your dire money situation? Seek help from your Personal Stars! Basis your Birth Details, our Astrologers will create your Personal Horoscope for the next 12 months, which will help them bring you unique answers and solutions. Plan a long term picture with a 5 Year Wealth Report, OR Ask a Wealth Question (Detailed Advice)to get answer to your questions. You may also plan your investments for the next FY with personalised Investment Advice.

Mar 2015

Businessmen are going to have it tough in the initial phase of the month, predicts Ganesha. Lucrative deals may come your way later, though. You will make the most of them. The desire to expand your business will be strong now, and with the cosmos in your favour, you are likely to get a good response. However, the lacklustre last few days of the month may leave you worried. Maybe you need a break! On the marital front, this month is truly going to test the strength of your character. Lack of communication, distrust, and differences in your relationship may completely stress you out. Friends and family will come to your rescue, helping to resolve your differences, but it may not help much. You need to understand that no two people are same and you have to make compromises to make a marriage work. Do not ignore such a key life issue any more, and invest in customised, Personal Horoscope based Astrological guidance now – Ask a Marriage-related QuestionOR get a solution-oriented reading like Marital Problems. Managing your finances may pose another big headache for you, and you may have to look for other avenues for earning some more money.

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