Aquarius Horoscope

General Description: The Sun enters Aquarius on or around 20 January and transits through it till 18 February every year. Individuals born during this period are typically humanitarian and philanthropic. They love travelling, freedom of movement, thought and life, and have a potential to become great inventors, technical wizards, scientists, researchers, analysts, etc. However, their unconventional mindsets and rebellious nature manifest in their unpredictable behaviour. They are friendly people but they are not known to change their minds or opinions easily. To gain an insight about yourself, you can get a fully personalised Birth Chart based Detailed Life Predictions Report.

Element: Air
Quality: Fixed (= stability)
Characteristics: Masculine, Humane, Scientific, Eloquent, Intuitive
Ruling planet: Uranus
Detriment: The Sun
Exaltation: Neptune
Fall: Pluto
Symbol: A man emptying/ carrying a water pot/ Water Bearer.
The Symbol Denotes: Waters of life, the beneficence of fresh water to nurture the mankind on earth.
Birthstone: Amethyst, Opal
Birth Colours: Electric Blue, Grey, Ultramarine Blue
Other Lucky Colours: Gold, Orange, Aqua
Lucky Day: Saturday
Associated Flowers and Plants: Orchids, Fruit Trees
Quality Most Needed for Balance: Warmth, Feeling and Emotion
Deepest needs: To know and to bring in the new
Compatible Signs: Gemini, Libra
Best Sign/s for marriage and/or partnerships: Leo

Anatomically Aquarius corresponds to: The coccyx at the base of the spine, the calves and ankles, the cones and rods in the eye; lower leg bones, coccyx and shins; muscles in the calves, ankles and shins; arteries in the lower leg; veins in the lower leg. Besides, to know more about your destiny, you can get 2015 Overview Report.

Noteworthy Qualities: Leadership skills, truthful, scientific, sincere, earnest, humane, cooperative, unbiased, inventive, philosophical, intuitive, pleasant, considerate, progressive. Moreover, we recommend you to buy the Janampatri report, to get details about all the aspects of your life.

Undesirable Personality Traits: Gullible, extremist, inconsistent, detached, cold, stubborn, unpredictable, aloof. You might also be interested in reading about Aquarius Nature.