Aquarius – Aquarius Compatibility

Aquarius-Aquarius Compatibility

Aquarius-Aquarius Compatibility
An Aquarian loves independence and in their thirst to seek freedom, they like to detach themselves from the world. Although, they are capable of making lot of friends but can rarely find close friends. Aquarians are good-looking personalities and have very different outlook towards the life. Their love may be deep and passionate but commitment may sound as a very heavy term to them. An Aquarian is able to provide good company filled with fun and excitement but may overlook some very are important matters of life. The bond with an Aquarius will be interesting and fulfilling. Want to know more about your Aquarius partner? Avail our Love Ask 3 Questions service to satisfy your curiosity regarding your Aquarius partner and get accurate and tailor made answers to your questions based on analysis of your birth chart.

Compatibility of Aquarius Man and Aquarius Woman
An Aquarius believes in providing all the freedom and comfort to their Aquarius partner. Both the zodiac signs being the same, will enjoy each other’s company. Both are are inclined towards exploring new places, engaging in adventures and discussing on each and every aspect of life. They will also pay attention towards providing friendly atmosphere and will understand each other’s needs but may not expect intimate love bond from each other. The Aquarius-Aquarius pair can turn out to be the compatible pair if both of them treat each other as more than just friends.

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